with Danielle Rosati

Saturday & Sunday, June 22-23rd (2-7pm)
Price: $300 ($250 before June 17th)

There are certain criteria that all good adjustments share. Beyond a demonstration of good mechanics, this intensive will serve as an experience of how to use information magically; touching someone in a real way, moving someone so they can get out of their own way, affecting someone so they have an insight.

Developing your own vision is the key to learning how to adjust well. The goal of an adjustment is to change someone’s frame of reference. For the most part, since personal style summons one’s unconscious habits, adjusting another practitioner's pose offers a different angle, a new direction, or a re-orientation in order to open a portal of experience impossible on one's own.

We will work pragmatically as well as theoretically, moving through asanas in order to discover how best to approach an adjustment, move a body, affect someone's practice and change a mind. Come fine tune your capacity as an adjuster, develop your relationship to touch and enhance your ability to see more dimensionally in order to enrich another person's vision.