with Abbie Galvin

Saturday & Sunday, August 17-18th (2-7pm)
Price: $300 ($250 before August 12th)

Learning to read a body via asana work is one of the goals of teaching yoga. Poses are snap shots that show things in the moment. Does the pose fit itself? Does it have stability in the base, capacity in the torso, and a full view. Is it organized on a plumb line, does it have a center and a circumference? Does it conform to a grid. Reading a body, assessing a pose, interpreting where one is heading, is the art of seeing. Seeing patterns such as the repetition of arches in the body on every floor, or how a collar bone is turned will be reflected in the wrist. Poses show propensities of behavior and how personal habits are articulated in the practice.

When we are looking at a yoga pose, we reference the ideal form of it so that we have a template, a map, a criteria to look for; shoulders and hips that make four corners (a frame), legs that substantiate it, and a head with two eyes that see in every direction. Form that is not functional, that is dysfunctional, is not sustainable. Our work is to transform the personal to a formal form that functions formidably.

In this training we will explore:

  • How to read the body through the feet

  • How poses reveal information to us

  • How to read and adjust a pose to make it formal

  • How the personal reveals itself on every floor when you put someone on a grid

  • How to use your vision to become a good diagnostician