with Abbie Galvin

Saturday & Sunday, November 16-17th (2-7pm)
Price: $300 ($250 before November 11th)

A home practice addresses the vision and virtue of personal health, wellbeing and long life. A home practice is a commitment to self-care, a ritualized modus operandi for one’s participation in a technical integration of mind, body and breath. Engaging in a home practice is a way of addressing the manner in which one personally organizes one’s self; developing a determined life, setting goals and following through.

By making the choice to turn inward for a determined amount of time, in a personal space, at a particular time of day, determined by a schedule, one’s personal practice is supported by one’s personal time management. In this most organized way, we find our freedom in this prescribed confinement. This interior shift of mind into the body’s intelligence, endows the organs and their attendant glands with more efficiency. And then by virtue of this gargantuan effort, one’s physiology impinges on one’s psychology.

During this training, we will explore how to develop, maintain and integrate a home practice for the Spring season. Our home practice manual will be included with registration.