with Alex Sharry

Saturday & Sunday, September 14-15th (2-7pm)
Price: $300 ($250 before September 9th)

Teaching a private lesson is like entering someone else’s house in order to show them how to live in it more efficiently. There may be rooms they never clean or even go into, rooms they occupy too much, their basement may be dank and dreary, their flu for their fire may be clogged with soot, their kitchen may be too hot. So as a teacher, one must know how to wriggle in respectfully, making them feel safe even though you are the guest and they the host.  As the educator, your student is asking for your vision, your adeptness and your skills with which to see, hear, adjust, help them flush, stretch, open, and put it all into words. As teachers our job is to finesse our ability to be powerful and effective without being invasive and alarming. Teaching a dynamic private lesson is engaging your vision, your expert touch and your stability in order to inform, emend, boost and elevate your student’s yoga practice. Making good contact and having good information are the main accoutrements, using them well is the rest.   

Come and hone your skills of teaching form, adjusting well, and redirecting your student’s physical trajectory, by re-informing physical orientation.  We will read bodies and enter personal abodes in order to decipher conundrums from what is causing pain, to how to develop more fluency and how to get more air, while exploring techniques to organize your students in time and space in order to help them navigate their story which invariably informs your own.