Autumnal Practice: Harmonize with Harvest
with Dages Keates

Saturday, October 14th (3:30-6:30pm)
Price: $65 advance / $75 day of

In autumn, nature is slowing down and contracting inward, preparing for the deep reset of winter. The nip in the air beckons us inward, setting up conditions for more serious reflection on what really matters to us in life. As we change our clothes, we change our practice, and attuning to the autumn means turning towards the breath, in its fullness, wildness, our griefs, our joys. This workshop explores these dual aspects of the season; the lungs take in the new, the large intestine eliminates the old, sometimes we hold on, sometimes we let go.

Attune yourself to the patterns of nature with autumnal tonics for wellbeing, tonifying the lungs and large intestine. Pranayama, meditation, essential oils, yoga nidra, and an herbal infusion will leave you feeling grounded, rooted, and connected to the perfect wholeness of your inner life.