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Chinese Quantum Energy Practices - Qi Gong & Tai Ji
with Master Fukui Yang

Saturday, September 16th (3:30-6:30pm)
Price: $65 advance / $75 day of

True power in your body doesn't actually come from having strong muscles, or high cardio capacity. Yet, when we think of being "in shape" we think of working weights or giving it all you've got in spin class. True vital power, however, comes from practices that strengthen your internal vital organs - your spleen, liver, lungs, heart and kidneys. 

When your organs are strong - your health is at its most superior, inside and out. Chinese energy practices like Tai Ji and Qi Gong strengthen and "tone" our organs - so that our muscles, bones and tendons can be healthfully strong. In fact, skillful martial artists learn these internal practices of Qi Gong and Tai Ji first before ever learning a fighting style because they understood that internal organ health is the most important source of warrior stamina and force. 

In this workshop, internal martial arts teacher, Master Fukui Yang will lead us through Qi Gong and Tai Ji exercises that will help us clear out stagnant energies from our vital organs, which will empower our healthy metabolism. For instance, the 6 Sounds Qi Gong will  "clean and clear" stagnant emotional energies trapped internally - as excess anger/frustration weakens the liver while chronic worry and overthinking disrupts our spleen (and thus digestion) function. The Nei Yang Qi Gong exercise will then strengthen and restore each vital organ.

Qi Gong and Tai Ji practice are also extremely calming and meditative. They provide us busy New Yorkers with a way to move consciously and slowly through space, in sync and together in community - which creates an incredible solace to an overworked and overwhelmed nervous system. Come experience this wonderful practice you didn't know you needed. 

Master Yang will introduce and lead us in exploring the following:

1. The Six Sounds Qi Gong - which stimulates our 5 yin organs (heart, lung, spleen, kidney and liver) through vocal sound.
2. Heaven and Earth Qi Gong - For creating an energetic connection between our body with that of Heaven (above) and Earth (below). 
3. Nei Yang Qi Gong - to stimulate internal organ function through the harmony of movement and breath. 
4. Introduction to Yang Style 24 Tai Ji Form - an ancient Tai Ji form that balances the 5 elemental energies in our bodies - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.


More on Master Fukui Yang:

Master Yang was born into a martial arts family, and began extensive training at the young age of six. When his father first began teaching him a Qi Gong form called Standing Pole, Master Yang was made to stand in water using the slow motion of the form to experience the water's resistance. This helped him understand the interaction between the body movements and the resistance of the air. From this he realized that internal martial arts are not just about forms. They are more about interactions between the body, the Qi (or energy) Field, and the energy generated from the interaction between humans and nature. 

Like many Chinese martial arts families, Master Yang’s family has a deep Chinese medicinal tradition, which can be traced back to the same roots as Chinese Martial Arts. He learned Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory from his family and took courses in schools. It deepened Master Yang’s understanding of Chinese Martial Arts, and at the same time it empowered him to cure sports injuries and illnesses using physical therapy, bone setting, Acupuncture, and Qi Gong methods.

In 1996, Master Yang moved to USA and founded the Heart Mind Martial Arts School to teach Chinese Martial Arts to American students, many of them having won medals at various competitions. He served as a judge and delivered seminars at many Chinese Martial Arts competitions in the US. Master Yang currently teaches Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine as well as Taiji Quan and Qi Gong at the Confucius Institute at SUNY College of Optometry.

A word from master yang about Tai Ji and its relationship to Yin and Yang energetics: "When you first start learning Tai Ji your body is Yang - which means it is rigid and stiff, because your whole body is tight and strained. Through Tai Ji practice your nerves, ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints become relaxed. This is the process of transforming from rigid Yang to soft Yin. At the same time you obtain the ability to deliver explosive power through the relaxed body. In other words, your reach a higher level of Yang. The highest realm of Tai Ji is when Yin and Yang intermingle. They are combined and they aid each other so there is no longer a perceptible difference between them. There is Yang inside Yin, there is Yin inside Yang."