Embodying the Magic Square
with Abbie Galvin

Sunday, August 27th (3:30-6:30PM)
Price: $65 advance / $75 day of

"The magic square is an ancient Chinese grid of numbers, whose relations form a mathematical pattern of integrity and fluency." - Nevine Michaan

When we envision the nine squares of a dimensional cube as an abode, we can shift our imagination from squares with numbers to rooms of a house; each room having its own character and purpose. And when we superimpose that dimensional magic house onto a body, the very personal abode, information emerges about the direction of our intensions, where we are in time and space, which way we are facing, what we are attentive to and what we are missing.

In this workshop we will explore how to use the magic square as a tool, to read the body as a map, in order to integrate a vision of ourselves personally and communally. We will move through the body using the magic square, allowing us to navigate the internal space of our own terrain, engaging our first and second natures to develop our third nature, the implicit, that which is not seen. We will embody the magic square in our hands, our feet, our head, our pelvis, and our torso, learning its route and using our bodies as the container, to establish stability, move currency and fuel imagination, to work toward a more fully embodied practice and a more well assimilated life.

The workshop includes a copy of Nevine's 2017 calendar, which we will use as an additional map to explore the magic square, so that you can make the rest of your year epic.