Full Moon Sound Bath & Crystal Meditation
with Linsey Boisvert & Reni Bickel

Sunday, October 28th (7-9pm)
Price: $45 advance / $55 day of

SOUND is a powerful tool that can be used to retune our bodies to higher vibrational frequencies and natural rhythms. Our bodies actually sync up to the harmonic inflections created by gongs, singing bowls, and other overtone-emitting instruments. These sounds act to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves associated with meditative states of stillness; while releasing nitric oxide which supports the health of our hearts, lungs and bones, helping to regulating our nervous system, immune system, hormones and sleep cycles.

CRYSTALS also work through resonance and vibration. As mineral formations that carry the earth’s blueprint of evolution, the atoms in these crystalline structures are aligned in perfect unity and harmony, capable of receiving, containing, projecting, emanating, refracting and reflecting light, which is the highest form of energy known in the physical universe. Placing healing stones on the body is like applying Feng Shui to a house.

FULL MOON is a cosmic alignment that occurs when the sun, earth and moon are all positioned on the same axis. The moon creates a gravitational pull that affects not just the waters of our planet, but also the waters of our body, impacting our bodily fluids and emotional undulations. Aligning with the cycles of the moon and actively tuning into its energies opens us up to greater opportunities for exploration and self-care.

Join us for a guided crystal meditation, followed by a sound bath to deeply restore your being, while bringing you into greater alignment with cosmic cycles. By aligning with these universal patterns and frequencies we attune to their oscillating information and re-organize our personal energy flow, activating our intrinsic healing faculties, shedding light on habitual patterns and raising our consciousness.