by Abbie Galvin

Katonah Yoga Home Practice is a manual for self-development. Your best insights will come from the private internal work of being alone in communion with yourself. It is perhaps the more challenging practice to master, the work of the soul. This book includes three different practices that are tried and true; one to whip you up, one to chill you out and another for longevity. Your home practice is for life. Start small, grow it, nurture it, add your own spin and spice to it, until you have created a haven inside your self, a sanctuary for self-soothing and getting life done. A home practice will become your go-to for all things personal, for making life decisions, for facing whatever challenges come your way and for experiencing life in all of its awesomeness. This book explains why to do it, how to do it, when to do it, what you'll get from it and how it will enhance, renovate, inform and titillate your entire life.