Upside Down: An Inversion Clinic
with Alex Sharry & Jessica Willis

Sunday, October 1st (3:30-6:30pm)
Price: $65 advance / $75 day of

Inversions can be scary, they literally turn your world upside down and are often taught as advanced poses in public classes. We often stay away from them, but in doing so we also distance ourselves from their benefits that fuel our systems with information we don’t get living right-side-up.

Come find your regal nature by learning to practice poses like headstand and shoulder stand - the King and Queen of yoga poses - and the energizing nature of handstand.  Headstand is one of the most powerful tools we possess for reversing the forces of our physical world that decay, age, and damage our bodies and minds.  By going upside down in headstand, we’ll reverse the strain of gravity on our body and its respiratory, endocrine, and digestive systems. Shoulder stand resets the nervous system, soothes the adrenals, and is a floor-by-floor flush of the entire glandular system moving lymph and blood from stagnation, helping prevent colds and flu. Handstands energize us, invigorate and jumpstart our system making us feel as powerful standing on our hands as we do on our feet.  

Spend an afternoon turning yourself upside down for a different view, and a slew of new techniques for tapping your body’s chemistry for long-lasting health benefits and joy!